About us

FRAMEN is a new content channel for screens in semi-public spaces.
From inspirations to the latest news, a new channel to reach people arises.
Through this channel, brands win the attention of their target groups in unique locations.

Our claim

We create the best attention.

Our vision

FRAMEN has the vision to be the internet of connected screens.


FRAMEN creates an infinite number of global-local tv content channels – the future of tv.

Our brand values

Passion. FRAMEN is a result out of our affairs of heart. We combine communication, visualization and computer science in one mission.
Openness. People say: “The mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work unless it’s open.“. Open doors, open eyes, open ears, open souls and open hearts – we believe this will lead to a better world!
Willingness. Enhancing the way how we communicate is one of the biggest challenges humanity has when living together. We believe that people need to be willing to improve this.
Enthusiasm. People should rethink how communication and specially advertisement is being done. This gives us the motivation open peoples eyes.
Resilience. We know that being a game changer is not easy. But we believe that with resilience and patience, you will come closer to your goal.

This is how we define POWER.

Our Team

Team first Framen Career Karriere Berlin Startup Deutschland Female Leadership

We create the internet of connected screens! An ambitions goal that can only be created by a great team and dedication.


Dimitri Gärtner, CEO

Magdalena Pusch, CMO

Sveatoslav Podobinschi, CTO

Alexander Gärtner, COO

Dimitri Gärtner

Managing Director & CEO

Magdalena Pusch

Chief Marketing Officer

Sveatoslav Podobinschi

Chief Technology Officer

Alexander Gärtner

Chief Operating Officer

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