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How FRAMEN is the on-stop marketing campaign solution for your worldwide product or service launch

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Barriers when launching your new product globally

When international companies launch a new product in the global market, they invest significantly in advertising and branding. This requires intensive coordination and communication costs with various stakeholders across countries and cultures. More precisely, it demands talking to many different marketing agencies and each of them asks for divergent details, formats, payment methods, timelines, and spokespersons. Each one also will send back a different reporting with varying levels of details and KPIs. This makes the comparison for the brand more difficult when evaluating the marketing activities for the launch afterwards.

Barriers in the DOOH market

Execution of international branding has been especially challenging in the DOOH (Digital out of home) market as agencies are hardly working cross-border, resulting in a different DOOH provider in each region. This is due to screen providers being very dispersed and very few agencies having bundles them internationally until now. However, FRAMEN solves this problem by being your one-stop marketing campaign solution for DOOH in Germany, Europe and across the globe. Start your international branding campaign now!

How FRAMEN makes global brand campaigns easy

FRAMEN provides digital advertisement without barriers by being your global solution. With the FRAMEN dashboard - a digital advertisement marketing place - brands can book their branding campaign with only a few steps. We provide access to target groups from the heart of Berlin to the rural areas of the US and from luxury shopping malls in Dubai to beautiful streets in Paris. By entering your individual target group, dates of the campaign and areas to be displayed, FRAMEN provides you with a choice of your optimal locations. Upload your visuals and go live after a short approval of the screen owner within hours. No coordination costs. No communication costs. FRAMEN offers you flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness.

FRAMEN is going global

After a successful roll-out in the German market, FRAMEN started conquering European markets in the last few months and is now proud to announce the global launch of its digital advertising marketplace. The first screens in the US, Dubai and London have been connected to the FRAMEN campaign planner and the first branding campaigns have been launched in France, UK and US. With more than 40,000 screens connected, FRAMEN is one of the leading DOOH companies.

Brand your international campaign

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