Customer Story: Too Good To Go

Customer Story: Too Good To Go How Too Good To Go promotes a sustainable lunch option TGTG - a social app Since the beginning of June, Too Good To Go promotes its service via Framen in German WeWork locations. Too Good To Go tackles the problem of too much food being thrown away. At the end of every day […]

Too Good To Go WeWork advertising promotes social app

Customer Story: Too Good To Go

How Too Good To Go promotes a sustainable lunch option 


Too Good To Go advertises at Framen sustainable app

Too Good To Go – a social app

Since the beginning of June, Too Good To Go promotes its service via Framen in German WeWork locations. Too Good To Go tackles the problem of too much food being thrown away. At the end of every day, stores, cafes, and restaurants have leftovers of delicious, healthy food that no one bought. It gets thrown away - although it is still perfectly edible!

This problem is at the heart of many WeWork members – further: WeWork itself is a sustainable approach in everyday life important. Cultural Pioneers, hedonists, and sustainable aware individuals at WeWork want a life full of joy and positive thinking with thoughts about a clean and healthy environment today as well as tomorrow. This idea builds an exciting context for brand placement of Too Good To Go. 

The social awareness App Too Good To Go launched in 2016 and connects consumers with businesses that have surplus food: people get tasty meals at a reduced price and besides access to new customers, restaurants and stores have less waste. Furthermore, the environment is happy. 

Framen brings TGTG to WeWork

Since most WeWork members are environmentally and socially conscious, open for new digital solutions, and happy for new lunch options, it is the perfect location to promote the app. As WeWork does not offer an own cafeteria or bistro, all members and guests have to either bring their own lunch (and maybe even dinner) to the office or go out to buy food at a restaurant or supermarket. With the awareness of TGTG, they now have the option to go to the app, look at all the restaurants and cafes having surplus meals, and consequently buy their lunch via their smartphones.

„Tasty food, less waste, and resource protection for the environment are well united – we reach our target group with this message via Framen in their natural environment. The context WeWork as a supporter of sustainability offers a very exciting space“ 

Teresa Sophie Rath (Head of Marketing, Too Good To Go)

TGTG Too Good To Go Campaign Kampagne FRAMEN WeWork Werbung Video Foodwaste Lebensmittel

The option of surplus meals is especially in urban areas large. Thus, TGTG decided to start with a campaign in all German Coworking Spaces of WeWork: in pulsing Berlin at the famous hotspots Sony Center, Hackescher Markt, Atrium Tower, Potsdamer Platz, Ku’damm, Friedrichstraße, in the business-focused Frankfurt at Goetheplatz, in Munich at Oskar von Miller as well as in Hamburg at Stadthaus with its Nordic flair. Too Good To Go can get a net reach of up to 23 million impressions per month with its campaign, whereby the main focus are wealthy people between 20 and 60 years working in areas like entrepreneurship, consulting, technology, design, and media. Most WeWork members are excited about simple technological solutions to improve their everyday life, beautiful and appealing design as well as the social well-being of the society.

Advantages for all parties

Too Good To Go benefits with its digital campaign from increased awareness in a highly relevant target group. Furthermore, people within the WeWork community start talking about the campaign and the social concept. Have you heard of TGTG? Have you already tried it? 

The community profits from a new lunch or dinner option that is easily and everywhere available. In addition, the increased awareness of food waste and social problems makes them contribute to a better environment. Since WeWork does not offer food itself and there is no bistro or cafe included in the locations, members have to go out for lunch or bring their own food with them. TGTG offers the perfect solution for them. Furthermore, it is not only about the immediate usage of the app but also about the increased awareness of food waste and the consequences of it. 

WeWork welcomes inspiring content for its community that not only advertises a product but also brings a topic of discussion to the coffee tables – resulting in enhanced member experience. Furthermore, it gains additional revenue by opening screen time to external content. 

Too Good To Go WeWork campaign via Framen


18 million tonnes of food wasted in Germany every year

Frankly, this number is not the worst: Of these 18 million tons of food, 10 million tons is an unnecessary and preventable waste. One of the biggest problems is that many people think that the “best before date” is equal to the “usage date”. However, this is not true. Most food is still edible and perfectly fine after the best before date. You should look at the product, smell, and taste it to see whether it is fresh and in order to avoid wastage.

WeWork is deeply connected to the topic of sustainability and has a lot of initiatives in this direction. It does not offer plastic cups or paper plates for its members anymore but only compostable and sustainable throw-away products. In addition, waste separation is taken seriously, and the management thinks highly about sustainable energy.

Framen guarantees brand safety

Brand safety is a highly relevant topic for brands as well as locations. During the booking process on and the campaign, advertisers as Too Good To Go can view all other content displayed. on each screen at any time. Thus, the company can ensure that it only places itself with other brands that it wants to be associated with. WeWork remains in control over who advertises when and what and approves every single campaign shown on its screens. This way WeWork guarantees it only shows relevant and interesting content to its members.