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Ja, die FRAMEN Photo App & WebApp ist kostenlos nutzbar. Wenn weitere Funktionalitäten oder Erweiterungen benötigt werden, so ist ein Premium Upgrade möglich.

In the free version it is maximum 3, in the premium version 10.

Either someone on site scans the QR code via the app or you can enter the ID number manually.

Yes, in the webapp under app.framen.io you can use the "Schedule" function to automatically play playlists by time. 

Tip: Hold down "Shift" and drag the playlist to another tag to quickly copy a playlist from one tag to another 😉

Of course I do. The free version has a memory of 2 GB. In the premium version even 100GB.


The QR code is either at the end of the tutorial or directly on the home page. Likewise the ID number, it should not be possible to scan the QR code, this will require an internet connection.

The app is available on iOS and Android, as well as various web browsers (such as Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Opera) and the Amazon Fire TV Stick Browser "Silk".

You can adjust the app settings and go to the COVER SCREEN If this function is activated, the pictures will fill the entire screen and be cut off as appropriate. If the function is deactivated, then it will not function as intended

In the free version, you can upload upto 20 images at the same time. The maximum storage space here is 2GB. In the Premium version, however, you can upload up to 1000 images at once and has an available storage space of 100GB. 

The ID number is either at the end of the tutorial or directly on the home page

Mit dem Zurücksetzen des FRAMEN Players erlischt die Software-Garantie des Gerätes im Normalfall.
Dennoch ist es möglich eine Neuinstallation manuell durchzuführen.

Melden Sie sich diesbezüglich bitte umgehend mit dem FRAMEN Team, um das weitere Vorgehen zu besprechen.

FAQ Screen Anbieter

You run a business and have a highly frequented audience (café, waiting room, taxi, reception, car dealership, hotel, pharmacy etc.). Then all you need is a screen such as a TV, beamer, tablet or one of the FRAMEN products. Guests or passers-by should be able to view the content, then you are perfectly prepared to list your screen on FRAMEN. List your screen >

To rent your screen, you can easily list your screen with all the necessary information at FRAMEN. The more detailed you describe your business, website and your guests/audience, the more likely you are to find advertisers who are interested in your screen. Once submitted, we will contact you and check the status. List your screen >

Once you have submitted your screen to FRAMEN, you can start earning money as soon as an advertiser books with you. We will pay you your earnings through the payment option you choose.

Don't worry if you need help, we can help you set up your screen. Just get in touch with us. Go to Support >

Yes, we will inform you about current advertising requests. We want your guests or audience to receive relevant and serious offers that are compatible with your business. You can find more information under our general terms and conditions.

FAQ Preise

Basically everyone! Companies, cultural offers, artists, associations or public institutions. The pictures may have however no advertising character but purely informative, artistically or atmospherically. The logo and the website link are allowed. FRAMEN also reserves the right to place its own content on these pictures.

The image is broadcast in the network on available screens that are not fully booked. FRAMEN will of course provide information on which screen the image is displayed.

Simple. Transparent. Flexible. Learn more about the advantages of advertising with FRAMEN. https://framen.io/why-advertisers/ More >

FRAMEN has an intelligent tracking system which knows exactly if a screen is online and which content is being played. We are also developing a dashboard to analyze the success of the campaign (beta soon available).

There are some screens at special locations with target groups with more purchasing power than others. FRAMEN would also like to offer incentives for certain screen providers so that these target groups can be accessed. Therefore the prices can deviate from the standard FRAMEN price recommendations.

Basically, every professionally designed advertising image is suitable. However, we reserve the right not to admit certain industries, services, and products to our advertising network. FRAMEN's aim is to ensure the best possible aesthetics and quality so that the FRAMEN screen providers do not get into a conflict of interest. More information can be found in the general terms and conditions.

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